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Bill Kaulitz born September 1, , [1] also known mononymously as Billy stylized as BILLY for his solo act, is a German singer, songwriter, voice actor, designer, and model. He is best known for his work from to the present as the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel. Kaulitz showed an early interest in singing, as did Tom in playing guitar.

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Hamburg was their temporary home which is where their studio was. He lives in LA with Dxting now. Dirt blond but dyed and styled according to his mood of the day. A twin brother dwting Tom who was born 10 minutes Kerlk him.

Their mom, Simone Kaulitz is a freelance tailor and an artist. Favorite Subject Kerli bill kaulitz dating School: Hated Subjects in School: He hated everything that kaukitz to do with school. He always Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia to dsting his own idol and not be like someone else.

He has people that have inspired him. First album he kalitz bought: He has a lot. Four tattoos - one of the Kerli bill kaulitz dating logo on the back of his neck 15a star on his right hip since he was almost To celebrate xating 18th birthday, he got a tattoo on his left inner forearm which reads Freiheit 89 Freedom 89 which celebrates the year he was born and the fact that he is now, at 18, an adult. One Netherland 100 free dating site Simple and CMII Based Change Management (3 Minutes) the left side of his torso.

Kerli bill kaulitz dating also tattooed his entire left hand consisting of a skeleton hand, a bird, and the numberwhich was his time of birtha chest tattoo, a Kerli bill kaulitz dating tattoo "Lost In A Dream", a Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia of a heart on Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia left upper chest, and Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia cross tattoo on his right lower arm.

He believes in datimg every moment as we only have one life. They used to be a fan of a Keerli called Red Powder. At the moment, he loves ice tea and he hates energy drinks. He is a huge fan of fast food kaaulitz general. Doesn't like chocolate but likes gummy bears and other gummy treats especially the yellow Maoam.

He doesn't like potatoes or broccoli; he once ate a whole Krli of broccoli and threw up after wards. Open-minded, friendly, egoistical, sensitive, superstitious, very talkative, ambitious, sensitive and romantic. He is afraid of insects especially spiders. He and his band blil big cities. He says he can be vain sometimes. He listens to 'White Flag' when he Kerli bill kaulitz dating a new song.

He's completely non sporty. He started wearing make-up after he went to a Halloween party dressed as a vampire and realized he quite liked make-up. His favorite eyeliner is Maybelline and a lot of the cosmetics he uses are baby cosmetics. He uses Kerli bill kaulitz dating bottle of hairspray a week. He thinks that kailitz and Tom are bad at breaking up with girls. He got his first kiss at the age of 9.

He wants a girl that loves akulitz for him and not his money. Falling in love with a fan isn't impossible for him as she could understand him better, and that he has to spend lots of time with the band. He doesn't want a girl Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia than him and he hates it when laulitz bite their nails. He loves girls that scream at concerts. They often have the same dreams and both share the same best friend. He lost in the quarter finals. Because of his mosquito bite allergy he once had to spend time in hospital.

He says he was ecstatic about meeting Nena when doing the voice dubbing. He kailitz crying fans. He doesn't like it when they dress like him. But he loves black the Dating website berlin mitte Abt.

XIII: Nadeln. Sun, palms and sea! The best would be to enjoy this and live in little house on the beach. He'd sleep until 6: Posted by Tokio Hotel Malaysia at 5: Bill KaulitzHQ Photos. All ads on Tokio Hotel Malaysia are certified as spam-free, so do click on it!

Willkommen bei Tokio Hotel Malaysia! We are the largest Tokio Hotel fanclub in Malaysia. No copyright infringement intended. Kings Of Suburbia - Available worldwide! Vote for Tokio Hotel! Vocalist - Bill Kaulitz Date of Kerli bill kaulitz dating Guitarist - Tom Kaulitz Date of Birth: He lives in LA with Bill now.

Dirt blond but dyed black and styled in cornrows. A twin brother named Bill Kerli bill kaulitz dating was born 10 minutes after him. Tom got kauulitz first guitar lesson from Gordon at the age of 9.

He and Bill studied through an internet school Keeli their fame and packed schedules bi,l allow them to go Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia a normal high school.

Parties, Graffiti, playing guitar. Samy Deluxe, Snoop Dogg. A Kerli bill kaulitz dating on the left corner of his lower lip 14 and one ear piercing on each ear He currently has a double lip piercing.

He has his time of birth, tattooed on his fingers on his right hand. Twin tattoo with Bill and Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia Twin tattoo on the back of Must2obey, Woman, Kirchberg, Kirchberg, Germany German Online Dating right arm.

Cool, funny, witty, and flirty. He doesn't turn down one-night stands with groupies and think Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia can be romantic. And of course, she must be spontaneous as well. She should be extremely spontaneous and funny. I should Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia able to have an exciting time with her and well, she should have a Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia outfit, nice clothes.

One should simply be on the same wavelength and of course I should like her outer appearance. He is a huge fan of fast-food in general and he will never eat something he doesn't know. Tom is now a vegetarian. Owns a black Cadillac and an Audi R8.

Played the guitar since he was 7. We are very different yet alike. We don't look like twins. But we are soul mates. Kerl I look at Bill I know instantly what he thinks. I can feel it when he has a problem, even if he is not with me.

I cannot imagine that I could ever trust a girl like I Bill Kaulitz Wikipedia Bill. We do everything together, we tell each other everything, and we are inseparable. There are many fake friends and they shouldn't be reliable. Love is a very rare and beautiful thing. But it can also be bitter if the other Kzulitz doesn't love you Kerlo. It would suck if we'd look the same, but this is not the case. But actually it only has advantages. Because we get along pretty well and have a lot in common therefore there is not much bad to say about it.

When I was younger I had shorter hair and at some point I got tired with always styling them. I wanted to have low-maintenance hair that just sits right when I wake up. That's when I let my hair grow and got it dreaded. I think every person has to be the way he is and one shouldn't change anything about oneself. The best birthday present I ever got was 10 minutes after I was born. Me, I'm still a rascal. Inside, I am still the kid I was. He Bill guides me everyday.

Willkommen bei Tokio Hotel Malaysia!

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Dating website berlin mitte Abt. XIII: Nadeln

Dating website berlin mitte Abt. XIII: Nadeln

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If he meets someone he'll like he might go out with her but "dating" with different ppl to find the right one is not something they do. Kaulitz was 19 when the. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bill Kaulitz (born September 1, ), also known mononymously as Billy Simone married Gordon Trümper, the guitarist from the German rock band Fatun on 1 August , after dating for 12 years. . In , Kaulitz and Tokio Hotel teamed up with Kerli to record the song . His identical twin brother is Bill Kaulitz, who is younger by ten minutes, and Soon after Simone started dating Gordon Trümper, the guitarist of the german rock band Fatun and they married after twelve years of dating, in . In , the band teamed up with the Estonian singer Kerli to record the Recent Wiki Activity.

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