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Best dating site names for guys Jurgen Klinsmann at the 2012 US Youth Soccer Workshop

Best lesbian dating sites (and why they work): HER, OkCupid, and more

Best lesbian dating sites (and why they work): HER, OkCupid, and more

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Colour and Light in the Ocean. To improve our understanding of the role of phytoplankton for marine ecosystems and global biogeochemical cycles, information on the global distribution of major phytoplankton groups is essential.

Although algorithms have been developed to assess phytoplankton diversity from space for over two decades, so far the application of these data sets has been limited. This scientific roadmap identifies user needs, summarizes the current state of the art, and pinpoints major gaps in long-term objectives to deliver space-derived phytoplankton diversity data that meets the user requirements.

These major gaps in using ocean color to estimate phytoplankton community structure were identified as: Recommendation for actions include but are not limited to: Marine phytoplankton play an important role in the global carbon cycle via the biological carbon pump e.

However, chl-a alone does not provide a full description of the complex nature of phytoplankton community structure and function. Phytoplankton have different morphological size and shape and physiological characteristics growth and mortality rates, nutrient uptake kinetics, temperature, and light requirements as well as different biogeochemical and ecological functions e. Phytoplankton community structure is thus important to many fundamental biogeochemical processes, including: Phytoplankton community composition also has important consequences for fisheries e.

The ability to observe the spatial-temporal distribution including phenology and variability of different phytoplankton groups is a scientific priority for understanding the marine food web, and ultimately predicting the ocean's role in regulating climate and responding to climate change on various time scales. Thus, identifying the drivers of phytoplankton composition on global and regional scales is required to assess climate ecosystem interactions and to increase our understanding of the role How to online dating book Forschungen in der Ramses-Stadt the ocean's biodiversity for marine ecosystem service provision.

Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE are especially vulnerable to major human threats caused by harmful algal blooms, eutrophication, hypoxia, and other processes deteriorating water quality. High resolution data on phytoplankton diversity Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE urgently needed for many socio-economic applications e.

Some fishery models e. To better represent the variable biogeochemical state of the ocean, Earth System, and climate models including those used in the IPCC assessments have increasingly included a larger amount of biological complexity in their ocean biogeochemistry modules.

To simplify the representation of the vast planktonic diversity, plankton have been grouped into plankton functional types according to their biogeochemical functions e. Biogeochemical models now commonly include 3—10 plankton functional types e.

Since in situ observations on plankton biogeography and abundance are scarce and many vast oceanic regions are too remote to be routinely monitored, biogeochemical modelers rely on surface ocean estimates of phytoplankton composition from satellite observations to evaluate model simulations and help to develop and validate their models.

Increased biological realism in these models has been suggested as a mean to reduce the large uncertainty in future projections of net primary production, and carbon export Bopp et al. Information on global phytoplankton community composition from ocean color satellites is therefore highly desirable for Earth system model development and the quantification of key processes related to present and future global biogeochemical cycles. Particularly for the quantification of carbon fluxes in Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE world's ocean, high quality remote sensing data on phytoplankton community composition are a first priority see science plan of the EXPORT project, Siegel et al.

Thus, continuous, global-scale, high-resolution satellite ocean color products that go beyond bulk chl-a and provide information on phytoplankton diversity is urgently needed to improve near-real time and forecasting models for marine services facilitating the above-mentioned applications.

In this article the current state of the art regarding algorithms, Speed dating berlin charlottenburg validation and application is reviewed, then the gaps to meet user requirements are discussed, and finally detailed recommendations for future medium and long term actions are provided.

Diversity of phytoplankton, often represented by species richness and evenness, can be characterized in multiple dimensions e. For almost all purposes scientists tend to cluster species into groups specific to the purposes of their research. For instance, climate scientists and marine biogeochemists define phytoplankton functional types PFT based on their biogeochemical functions e.

PG defined based on taxonomic criteria are referred to as phytoplankton types PTand PG defined based on their size range are referred to as Top online free dating sites 2014 SLIDES: PLM and NPDI Processes at Kinnerton Confectionery size classes PSC.

Satellite ocean-color remote sensing is unsurpassed in its ability to characterize the state of the surface ocean biosphere at high temporal and spatial scales. Beyond chl-a, increasing efforts have been invested internationally over the last two decades to develop ocean color algorithms to retrieve information on phytoplankton composition and size structure see recent summary in IOCCG, and list of global approaches applied to satellite data in Table 2.

These developments provide an opportunity to yield new operational satellite products. Ocean color algorithms to Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE phytoplankton diversity make use of information originating from phytoplankton abundance, cell size, bio-optical properties such as pigment composition, absorption, and backscattering characteristics to differentiate PG Table 2Figure 1 left.

The abundance based approaches of Uitz et al. Abundance-based approaches use satellite chl-a as input and by that exploit the largest signal in water leaving radiance to extract variability due to PG out of chl-a. This is then a simple calculation and can be applied easily to chl-a products from different Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE.

However, they cannot predict atypical associations and may not hold in a future ocean. A compilation of global algorithms to retrieve phytoplankton composition from satellite Adult Dating Brianna s profile looking for for online flirt sex l. Illustration of phytoplankton diversity as found in nature impacted by environmental conditions, and how it can be derived from observations and modeling.

Through in situ measurements which represent the most real conditionsphytoplankton are grouped according to cellular traits that influence their optical properties such as pigments, size, morphology, and fluorescence, all also responding to photophysiology, which are named optical features of phytoplankton groups PG.

In addition, inferences can be made about PG through non-optical features, such as nutrient requirements, stoichiometry, etc. The optical properties can be measured by ocean color and used to infer PG from remote sensing highlighted by blue arrows.

Dating website berlin mitte Abt. XIII: Nadeln biogeochemical-ocean general circulation models GCM produce Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE of phytoplankton functional types PFT which are, with PG classified according to functions, mainly incorporating non-optical and rarely optical properties highlighted by red arrows.

PG information from ocean color and ecosystem models can be combined highlighted by blue-red arrows to improve our knowledge. For instance, ocean-color PG can be used for model improvements and evaluation, and models could be re-developed to explicitly include optical properties of which the ocean-color PG use which will help to advance the application of ocean color PG.

Spectral-based approaches exploit as much of the backscattered spectrum observed by satellite as necessary to extract the signatures of specific PG to ocean color. Generally, these methods are computationally much more expensive and require specific adaptations Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE each sensor.

However, these algorithms rely Sexdating: Die 5 besten Sextreff Seiten fur hei?e Sexdates much less empirical relationships than the abundance based approaches and are based on physical principles radiative transfer.

Differences exist on the different satellite inputs e. Another approach incorporates various environmental parameters to predict PT based on their ecological preferences Raitsos et al.

This method uses artificial neural networks to link the different biological and physical data sets. While the approach of Raitsos et al. All other satellite-based PG algorithms Table 2 have been applied to water-leaving reflectance data from multispectral sensors [e.

To be able to detect unexpected changes in phytoplankton community composition, satellite PG data based on exploiting the spectral signatures, and based on limited empirical assumptions are preferred. In the few last years, radiative transfer models RTM have been used to develop and assess the sensitivity of analytical spectral PG retrievals or to find suitable spectral characteristics necessary for ocean color sensors to retrieve PG. The results of this study indicate that four additional bands,and nm for the Ocean and Land Colour Instrument OLCI Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE potentially enable absorption-based quantitative retrievals of diatoms, cyanobacteria, and coccolithophores.

Recent methods have been developed to retrieve PG from in situ hyperspectral algal or particulate absorption coefficients, and validated using in situ measurements Moisan et al. As absorption coefficients can be estimated from satellite measurements using inverse bio-optical models, this opens the way to applications of these methods to satellite data.

Some PG algorithms most of the ones listed in Table 2 have been inter-compared at the global scale: The initiative strengthens the links between algorithm developers at a global scale which will help also to guide modelers and policy makers on the specific assumptions underlying each product: A user guide for application to open ocean waters on the most common algorithms Mouw et al.

A global in situ dataset of HPLC and optical properties is being developed to further evaluate these algorithms. For each meeting the outcome resulted in a written summary of recommendation for community actions and the planning of future activities see IOCS, ; Bracher et al.

Among all available in situ PG data sets, HPLC-phytoplankton pigment data contain the largest number of observations resulting in the greatest spatial coverage with standardized quality control protocols Hooker et al. However, size fractionated in situ data of chl-a serve as a more direct validation data set for assessing satellite retrievals on PSC e. The long-term and spatially extended Continuous Plankton Recorder CPR data sets have been used for Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE and evaluating ecological algorithms focusing on larger phytoplankton Raitsos et al.

Inline coupled flow cytometry and microscopy techniques have been developed and enable a more precise classification of Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE phytoplankton groupings than HPLC marker pigments e. Hyperspectral IOP measurements when obtained via continuous measurements e. Satellite PG time series data have already been used to assess regionally and globally the variability and trend of phytoplankton community composition e.

In addition, satellite PG data were used to assess globally particulate organic carbon export Mouw et al. All ocean color data are limited in coverage to sun-light, cloud and ice-free conditions, and only deliver information on the surface ocean first optical depth which is 4. Therefore, for many applications, additional methods have to be used to resolve variability and trends of phytoplankton community structure and abundance. Satellite-derived algorithms are increasingly compared not only to in situ data but to global model output from Earth System Models.

Starting over two decades ago, biogeochemical models began incorporating multiple PT e. Given the biogeochemical importance of these groups of phytoplankton, the modeling community refers to them as PFT see Figure 1 right.

This classification is the closest to ocean color PT products as defined above. Though less common, models can also group phytoplankton in terms of size: The advantage of such an approach is that it can use empirical allometric relationships of key growth parameters e. Such a model output is more compatible with ocean color PSC products. Initial studies have shown that models and satellite estimates of phytoplankton biogeography diverge, for example a in the timing of the phytoplankton bloom Hashioka et al.

Current satellite data sets on phytoplankton composition PG are not generally available in a format readily adoptable by a wide user community. Some potential users e. In the following section, we detail the gaps, which need to be addressed if we want to respond to user needs and promote the use of a wider range of new remote sensing products see summary in Table 3left columns.

Summary of gap analysis for phytoplankton composition from space: At present, there is a mismatch between the PG detected from satellite and which differ between algorithms and the groupings required by the user community. Figure 1 illustrates PFT as they may be found in the environment, and which respond to environmental conditions based on the interplay of different variables nutrients, temperature, salinity, light, and others.

Optical size, morphology, pigmentation, fluorescence and non-optical e. The optical properties include photo-physiological responses which are driven by photoadaptation associated with certain P Gand photacclimation which is mostly independent of PG. From ocean color Figure 1 top-level left absorption, scattering, and fluorescence properties of different PG can be derived.

Coupled biogeochemical ocean models Figure 1 top-level right often use groupings in terms functional groups e. This highlights the need to enhance linkages between optical and Best free dating sites aus AUROS COLOURFUL DIVERSITY: COLOURS FOR LIFE PG to improve our knowledge.

The algorithms listed above also provide results in different units e. While biogeochemical and RT models require a quantitative assessment of PT or PSC, end users for coastal environmental management need PG products as indicators for water quality, HAB presence, eutrophication and fisheries stock assessment. To help users selecting the appropriate PG data sets, the work already accomplished by inter-comparing Kostadinov et al.

The later can only be done when the uncertainties of these algorithms have been evaluated more consistently see Gap 2. Improvements are also needed in terms of the representation of PG in the current generation of models to better constrain present and future projections of marine biogeochemistry.

Furthermore, as the community is moving toward biogeochemical models of increased complexity, information on phytoplankton community composition from space including all PT, or other indices of biodiversity pigments, size will provide valuable resources for the next generation modelers.

Thus, there is a need for on-going product development along with effective communication between remote-sensing scientists, biological oceanographers, and modelers to ensure future developments are consistent and comparable between parties and that ultimately improve climate predictions. The quantitative assessment of uncertainty in PG satellite products is still insufficient.

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